Station Taxis

About Station Taxis

In 1956 a local family owned garage based opposite Haywards Heath Station ran a small local taxi service. After receiving an offer they couldn’t refuse from a large national dealership they agreed to sell and so the taxi service was also to cease.

The drivers at that time, encouraged by a regular commuter decided to form their own company to maintain a taxi service for the community and to safeguard their jobs, and so Station Taxis was born.

Slowly the company grew and over the years retiring drivers have passed on their shares to younger career minded drivers working the circuit.

In the 1960s with the introduction of radio use for taxi circuits, a call sign was required. At that time the Police, (for those of you old enough to remember) called their vehicles Panda cars and so the drivers decided to adopt the animal theme and use Tiger taxis. Hence their call sign became Tiger and the Tiger became their company logo.

Still today, Station Taxis is wholly owned by a small group of drivers and although the systems are computerised and there are over 60 vehicles working the circuit, the philosophy remains unchanged.

A reliable service for a fair price.